Monday, February 3, 2014

Omega Vert Juicer

Last year I became a vegan for approximately 5 months. The most difficult thing I have ever done, not only because I love dairy, especially cheese but because I was surrounded by people that were not vegan; great people who loved to bring amazing food at work ... however I could not eat any of it, because I was on a mission. 

There was something on my diet that was making the digestion of my food very difficult and painful. After watching a documentary called "Vegucated" I decided to clean my pantry, and try the "vegan thing" to clean up my system, and then... little by little introduce products to figure out what was making me totally miserable.

That's how I got introduced to juicing. I had a juicer at home, however it was painful to juice because of the mess it created, and the difficulty of cleaning the machine. I have a friend that juices every morning, and he recommended the Omega Vert. There are a variety of juicers to choose from, depending on the use, and what you are looking for. I decided to get the Omega VRT330HD Heavy Duty Vert.

The body of this juicer is heavy (weights 11lbs), be careful when you move it, for sure it could break more than one toe if it falls on your foot. 

The Omega Vert are not cheap (I bought mine in Amazon for $284) in pearl white. I have not regretted my decision. This machine is easy to assemble to start juicing and easy to disassemble and clean. The best part is.. it does not waste product, it really extract the juice out of the vegetables and fruits. The instructions are clear and to the point.

It gives you the order to disassemble
Use the brush to clean thoroughly after operating
Do not use metal sponge to clean, it will damage the machine
Do not use dishwasher to clean
Do not rinse the base with direct water, use dry towel or wet towel to clean
Please dry the attachments after cleaning.

Happy juicing!!


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