Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tortilla de Patatas - Spanish Omelette


Every household in Spain knows how to prepare "Tortilla de Patatas". It is the easiest, tastiest and one of the most famous dishes in Spain. It is found in every bar as a pintxo, to take it for day trips, camping, excursions etc, and it is served for lunch and/or dinner. 

It has tons of variations. The recipe that I use is the basic one, however it can have vegetables, chorizo, ham and cheese etc. depending on the taste. 

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Bon Appetit!!!

Tortilla de Patatas for two people

 2 big potatoes
 1/2 yellow onion
 4 eggs
 Olive Oil

Peel and cut the potatoes in small cubes. Peel and cut the onions into 1/4"pieces. In a non-stick small pan heat the olive oil in medium heat. I don't use a lot of olive oil, otherwise it is too greasy. I put the potatoes carefully evenly in the pan. Leave the potatoes in the pan until they are half way done, and put the onions in the mix. Be careful to make sure the potatoes don't burn.

Once they are done, remove them from the pan, and allow the oil to drain. I put them on a bowl over paper towels.

Crack the eggs into a large mixing bowl, and beat by hand with a whisk or fork. Pour in the potato onion mixture.  Pinch of salt, and mix together with a large spoon

In the non-stick frying pan, put a little bit of olive oil in medium/low heat (otherwise the egg will burn). Pour the potato, onion and egg mixture evenly in the pan. Once the egg is slightly cooked around the edges, move the pan back and forth slowly in order to make the omelette without burning it. Check with a fork the bottom of the omelette to make sure is brown. It is time to cook the other side.

How to flip the tortilla:  To avoid making a mess in case this fails, it takes a little bit of practice, do it above the sink. Find a plate bigger than the frying pan, and place it upside down on top of the of the non-stick pan, and turn the omelette onto the plate. Slide the omelette back into the non-stick pan.

The best tortillas are the ones that inside are juicy, the egg not too overcooked, otherwise they are too dry. Tortillas can be eaten hot and/or cold. They are really good either way.

Monday, June 9, 2014

WFF - Women's Fitness Festival 2014


Back in January I posted my running goals:

 5k  - Sunday 9 Feb 2014 - Davis Stampede
 7miles  - Saturday 8 Mar 2014 - The Lucky Run
 10k - Sunday 30 Mar 2014 - Girls on the Go
 10 miles - Sunday 27 April 2014 - Capital City Classic
 13.1 miles - Sunday 8 June 2012 - Women's Fitness Festival

I am very proud to say that except the 5K (I am too thrifty to pay $45 for a 5K), I accomplished every single goal. My PR has not improved much, however I am very happy that I trained, participated and finished every single one of the races. 

Yesterday I run the Women's Fitness Festival, and next year I am running it for sure. What a great event as the culmination of the first six months of the year training season. I trained with the Fleet Feet group in Sacramento, because of that, I was able to get into the VIP area. The best of the day, apart of running the race, I got to meet Deena Kastor, the Olympic Marathoner, and I was brave enough to request a picture with her, which I will cherish forever!!!. What a nice and gracious lady. Her energy is contagious. 

The race was fantastic!!! the route was very flat, which I do appreciate, hills are my enemy. We went through gorgeous neighborhoods, and there were tons of people cheering us up, and trying to cooling us off with their garden hoses and sprinklers. It was a hot day from the start. 

Mile 12 was the happiest mile for me… I had some ice to chew, the Fleet Feet trainers had it ready for us. Did I say it was hot??, and they also had the special cheerleaders volunteers outside the store. 

Whole Foods was there to feed us after the race. I got a water, banana and some granola with yogurt to eat. I had my medal around my neck, a cool T-shirt, and I was as happy as I can be. 

My hubby was waiting for me, and as always… "This is the last half marathon I run"… well… not so fast Natalia. I had signed up for the Urban Cow Half Marathon three weeks ago which by the way I am training with the Fleet Feet Crew. 

Motivation is what gets you started  Habit is what keeps you going

More to come about my races. 
❤ Natalia ❤

Deena Kastor and I
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©2014 The Pink Macaroon. All rights reserved.

The Lucky Run - 8th March 2014
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Capital City Classic - 27th April 2014
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Girls on the Go - 30th March 2014
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vinyasa Yoga - "The Flow Yoga"


The gym that I go to offers Vinyasa Yoga every Sunday early in the morning. I enjoy this class because it sets the mood for the rest of the day. It helps stretching my muscles and my body after all the running, and weight lifting, which is honestly great because by Sunday I feel very stiff.

Vinyasa yoga is about moving continuously into different poses, matching them with the breathing. I enjoy this yoga because I find it very meditative and relaxing while having a lot of movement. The synchronizing breathing with the poses really helps to relax my mind. I can make the poses more challenging by modifying them to a higher level depending on my energy level during the class. The important thing to remember is to align the poses correctly to avoid any type of injury.

I have attached a 15 minute introductory video by Candance (, and this very cute picture of the Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo