Monday, January 20, 2014

California State Capitol

 I live in a city where it has a lot of interesting corners; one of them is the California State Capitol.

Yesterday we decided to visit the grounds, the day was absolutely amazing for being the middle of Winter. We decided to take a tour (they are free), to know about the history of the building. The architecture is magnificent, and the little details that surrounds the building as well. They really did a great job in the remodeling process bringing back the history of the building, and adding modern features.

There was also a celebration going on when we visited, the birthday of the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad. Anyone can use the grounds of the Capitol for celebrations, or not celebrations, as long as the participants have a permit.

It is definitely a must see when coming to Sacramento.

Some facts about the construction:
Groundbreaking for the Capitol occurred December 4, 1860, but construction was not accomplished quickly. It took nearly 14 years and several administrations to complete the effort.
The Capitol was completed in 1874 with the cost of the construction totaling $2.5 million.
Restoration of the Capitol began in 1975 and took a total of six years to complete. The final cost of the restoration was over $68 million.

For more information I am attaching the link.


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