Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sometimes This Girl needs to do this...

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This afternoon while shopping I gave up to total temptation, well it is Saturday… my Saturdays are the days when I can indulge a little after having very good eating habits during the week. A little bit of sugar doesn't kill anyone, no?

This is my dinner. Nutritionist, health nuts, and my mum would look at this with disgust. Me… as I am happy as I can be. 

Analyzing my dinner we have:
♥  Carob Peanut Clusters Naturally Sweet - conclusion, they are natural = good to eat today.
♥  Gummy Bears - I am not bothering to read the label… It would gross me out, and I will not eat them. 
♥  Organic Sunny Fruit Slices with Vitamin C - I work in a hospital. I don't want to get sick = I need vitamin C. 
♥  Vanilla Haagen-Danz Ice-Cream - There is nothing than ice-cream can not fix. 

Comments from my friends when I told them:
Are those gummy bears?!?!? No, a girl doesn't.
You are going to die.
Erf. Abandon that monstrosity and bring me a German chocolate cake!
Those peanut clusters are goooood, and vanilla ice-cream. Yum.

Tomorrow I will say: 
Gosh… Today back to healthy eating… That was a well needed indulgence. No regrets or… I ate too much.. why did you let me? (to one of my friends, and me playing victim). :-) I am not telling Lawrence (my personal trainer). 

Bon Appetit!!!

❤ Natalia ❤

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